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Our quotes include all your fees for purchasing and selling your home, all you have to add is your stamp duty if you are purchasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions, glossary and more answers

We want clients to have a clear understanding of all matters they will have to deal with when buying or selling their home. If you can't find your answer here, get in touch with us via our contact details and we can provide you with MORE answers.


A. No, there is no need to visit the solicitors. All documents will be posted out to you together with clear instructions on where you will need to sign.

A. Your Solicitor will provide you with a contact telephone number where a member of staff if not themselves will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

A. This is the most frequently asked question. In cases where there are only the buyer and seller involved and both parties are in position to move quickly it can take less the 2 weeks. However most cases will take longer due to other factors which will be made clear by your solicitor once they have established the position of all parties involved.

A. The sale becomes binding once contracts have been exchanged.

A. Stamp Duty Land Tax, This document must be completed by the purchaser and returned within 30 days of the transaction to H M Revenue & Customs. The form is normally completed by the solicitor who may charge a fee for the service.

A. Should you be taking out a mortgage to acquire your property, then your mortgage lender will ask that your solicitor carryout work on their behalf relating to your purchase. Your mortgage offer will clearly state this and should also give some indication as to the fee that will be charged to you by your solicitor.


The finalising of the sale when all monies and keys are handed over.

Completion Statement
An example is a statement sent by either the buyer’s/seller’s solicitors to their client on completion accounting for all the money which has passed through their hands in the course of the transaction.

The document setting out the parties, the property, any covenants attached to the property, conditions of sale, eg price, etc.

The legal document transferring ownership from seller to buyer.

A legal requirement incorporated in the title requiring either seller or buyer to do or not to do something in relation to the property.

All the legal documents relating to the property for as long as the property has existed.

Monies paid by the buyer on exchange of contracts.

An out-of-pocket expense which is normally recouped on the payment of a bill.  Search fees paid by solicitors on behalf of a client are an example of a disbursement.

A right to pass over or under land – granted to someone who is not the owner, eg right to lay and maintain pipes for service media, ie telephone, gas, electricity, water, sewage.  Rights of way and rights to light and air.

The true copy of the conveyance/transfer.

Exchange of Contracts
The physical exchange of contracts which must take place in order to bring a legally binding contract for the sale and purchase of land into existence.

The seller’s solicitor hands the copy of the contract signed by the seller to the buyer’s solicitor, in return for the buyer’s signed part.  This can be done in person or through the post or by fax, but is more often done by telephone.

Absolute ownership.

Full Structural Survey
A detailed examination of the structure of the property.

Land Registry
Who owns what and where with a brief description of the boundaries.

An interest in/ownership of land subject to an annual payment of ground rent to the owner (freeholder/landlord) of the land for a specified term.

Local Search
Buyers solicitor’s search for local land charges with the local council to confirm whether the property is affected by any proposals, restrictions, or rights of way which could materially affect the enjoyment of the property.

Memorandum of Sale
A written note of the terms upon which a sale and purchase is to proceed, also confirming the names and addresses of the legal representatives appointed by the parties.  Also known as estate agents instructions.

A legal charge over land/property executed by deed and granted in return for a loan to assist in the purchase of the property.  The lender is entitled to hold the deeds as security against the loan to ensure that the loan is repaid in full before the property is sold.  On completion the mortgage deed is normally executed at the same time as the conveyance/transfer.

Mortgage Offer
The formal offer of mortgage issued by a mortgage lender to the borrower, once the mortgage lender is satisfied that the borrower is creditworthy and that the property is question offers sufficient security for the loan requested by the borrower, ie following receipt of satisfactory references, confirmation of income and a mortgage valuation report.

Mortgage Valuation
A report by the mortgagee to decide how much to lend on the security of the property and on what terms.

Office Copy Entries
An official copy from the Land Registry of property in question

Registered Land
The title of property which is registered at one of the Government Land Registries.

A sum of money held back from a mortgage advance until certain works specified by the mortgagee have been carried out.

Roll Number
The mortgage account number allocated to the borrower by the mortgage lender.

Stamp Duty
The tax, currently 1% to 4% on the properties over £125,000 (see above table) of the purchase price, payable to the Inland Revenue by the buyer on completion.

Subject to Contract
A negotiated sale that is not binding on either party to the transaction.

Telegraphic Transfer
Transfer of funds via a bank

Title Deeds
The deeds and documents which provide evidence of a person’s right or title to an interest in property.

Unregistered Title
Where property/land is not registered therefore ownership or title must be proved by the title deeds which must date back for at least 15 years.

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